Marvel’s Newest Superhero is a Queer Latina con Fuerza

Have you met America Chavez, Marvel’s queer, Latinx powerhouse? If you haven’t, you should.

Super-powered America Chavez was a breakout character from the 2013 Young Avengers line up. While her devoted fans followed her later appearances in Ultimates and A-Force, they rejoiced when her solo title America was announced at New York Comic Con this past October.

Hailing from an alternate utopian universe, America Chavez possesses super speed, strength, durability, and the power to literally kick her way to new dimensions. Between knocking out bad guys and working through her feelings for teammate Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye, with her own title too!), America tries to prove herself and find her place in this sprawling universe.

We’re stoked for America’s solo title, which also features a queer Latinx writer Gabby Rivera and artist Joe Quinones. Marvel tapped Rivera to bring America to life on the success of Juliet Takes a Breath, Rivera’s coming-of-age novel about a Puerto Rican lesbian. Quinones recently made waves after releasing the second issue cover that clearly pays homage to Queen Bey’s Formation.

This is Marvel’s latest step in diversifying not just their titles, but their creative staff as well. Representation matters and we look forward to the stories Rivera sets America out on and the art Quinones creates.
Make sure you read the first issue, set to release in March.

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