SLx Shopping Guide: 2017 Festival Must-Haves

Summertime is just around the corner and concert/festival season is already underway.

You probably are already listening to our  Alt-Latinx Playlist like everyday in anticipation of all the events you have planned. Especially if you are heading to Broke LA , a music festival that Shop Latinx is collaborating with some of our vendors.

Well, your homegirl Breana is here to help y’all look hella cool this summer without all the trash clothing and beauty companies.

Rain Drop…Crop Top

(That title was lame but that was the first thing I thought that rhymed with crop top.)

From all my extensive research of Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters advertisements, a crop top is an essential outfit component to any festival weekend. Ditch fast fashion and what white people corporations pass off as “ethnic” print.

Paragon Desert has a variety of beautiful crop tops that are perfect on any body type for those hot summer days. Ran by SLx’s own Vanessa Acosta, Paragon Desert has jewelry,shorts, and everything perfect for your enviable ensemble.

You can shop Paragon Desert on etsy.

Watermelons go out of season Watermelon Purses don’t

At any all day music event, it is important to keep your hands free for putting your lighters in the sky or twerking.

Keep all your accoutrements together in this adorable Sandia Purse from Hija de tu Madre. Find this purse,crop tops, and jackets on their site here.

Neck Kandi

In the tradition of rave “Kandi” (colorful beaded jewelry), these necklaces are pretty much a necessity.

Twerkstorian carries these customizable necklaces as well as dope shirts and hoodies. You can shop the etsy here.

The Perfect F*ck Off Outfit

I’ll be the first to admit that I am furthest thing from the sexiest person the world. But I hate when people try to hit on me when I’m just trying to hang out with my friends. Like some people relish in it, I can’t stand when someone can’t take the hint to leave me the f*ck alone. I am here to listen to music not lame pickup lines.

Creature of Habit has an assortment of clothing with such classic phrases like: “Allergic 2 Bullshit”, “You 🍕shit”, and “Dead inside.” My personal favorite is “The Fresh Bitch of L.A.”

You can shop the etsy here.

Shine Like a Galactic Donut

If you keep up with the instagram beauty trends (like I do), you most likely have seen colored highlighters as the latest makeup craze. Alluring sales and swatches are tempting, but there is no need to buy from  problematic brands.

Decolonize your wallet and glow bright with glitter-free colored highlighters from Chaos Makeup. You can find these dazzling pigments here.

The Perfect Rave Makeup

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Along with highlighters, you might as well just get some eyeshadows and lipsticks while you are at it. Standout while raving with the perfect bright neon colors.

Complete your avant-garde look with the Radioactive stack  from Melt Cosmetics. You can find the stack and wide range of lippies on their website here.

Not your mother’s jewelry

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Now I personally use any excuse to be absolutely extra with my accessories and I assume you do the same. Body chains are different, slightly provocative, and perfect way to jazz up any concert wear.

Luni Jewelry has body chains, head pieces, and other accessories to enhance your festival fashion. You can find them on their website.

F*ck Flower Crowns

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Interesting headwear is a staple in the festival circuit. Dump the basic flower crown and get some concha ears!

Kimmy’s Bowtique creates these cute cultural headbands on etsy.

Hella Cute Choker

Growing up in the 90s, I used to admire all the bada*s grunge fashion womxn wore. I always wish I didn’t give a f*ck as much as they did. Now being an adult woman, I’m glad to say I do.

Lunar Magic Shop has awesome chokers perfect for concerts or regular Brujx sh*t. You can shop all your choker dreams on their site here.

Jk About Flower Crowns

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Alright, who I am kidding, flower crowns are still pretty freaking sweet. It’s okay to take that staple “Coachella” inspired photo for instagram, this is safe place I will never judge you.

You can find beautiful flower crowns on Paulina Clothing.  They also make awesome Day of the Dead leggings and bodysuits.

For more Festival/Concert must-haves  check out our Database  filled with Latinx/Chicanx owned businesses. 

Broke LA is April 8th in East LA, you can purchase tickets here.

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