Halloween is just around the corner. If you are having trouble deciding  on what to be, we’ve put together some relatively easy costume ideas of Latinx celebrities and characters that can be pulled together with a few items.


If you don’t to be the millionth Wonder Woman

Ms. America//http://www.cbr.com
Ms. America//http://www.cbr.com

Miss America – America Chavez
What you’ll need: Hoops, American Flag Propaganda Apparel, Jeans

Marvel’s America Chavez made a huge solo title debut earlier this year. As one of the few — if not only Queer Latinx — superheroes, this Bad Ass Boricua is definitely a forced to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.

Unlike many other female superheroes, you are going to be super warm and comfortable in her easy to do costume: jeans,hoop earrings, and literally anything leftover from the fourth of july. You also get the added nerd gloat by not going with a “mainstream” choice.


If you just want to be super glamorous

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Kali Uchis
What you’ll need: Thick eyeliner, Blonde Beehive, bling, feathers,rainbows

Now if you’re the type of person I pretend to be, you are always put together with full makeup and hair. Halloween is even a more chance to do so because your ridiculousness is well accepted.

Kali Uchis is a Colombian American singer that’s entire look is my dream aesthetic. Her “Por Vida” album look is a very retro glam vibe. Heavy eyeliner and eyelashes paired with a big platinum wig is all you need to pull off the Kali Uchis costume.


If you like throwing soup at racists

1992 Deluxe. Out Now ❤️

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Princess Nokia
What you’ll need: Oversized New York Graphic Tee, Long Sleeve, Empty Soup Container 

Princess Nokia is a Afro Latina music artist that has been featured before on our Alt-Latinx Playlist before. Recently in viral video, Princess Nokia threw soup at racist in a New York subway.


Her 1992 album cover is easy enough to recreate and just grab an empty soup container from Panera and you are good to go.


If you like wearing sunglasses indoors

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What you’ll need: Bald cap, Dark Sunglasses , suit jacket, Constantly say either: Mr.305, Dale,and/or Mr. Worldwide

If you have never been to or seen a Pitbull performance, you need to as soon as possible! He is surprisingly very motivational whilst getting you hype out of your mind to songs you’ve heard a thousand times.

The hardest part of this costume is wearing sunglasses at night. I tried it once to be like Daddy Yankee (not for Halloween just everyday life) and I looked super cool,but I could not see a thing.


If you are already Pregnant


Jane The Virgin
What you’ll need: Pink Dress, Pregnancy Test Stick (preferably not used), Confused yet adorable face

The older I get the more friends I have that are getting married and having kids. While I was at home alone crying into my wine, I was pondering an easy costume for the soon to be Mommas in my life.

There are a million and one pregnant Halloween costume ideas on pinterest, but if you are looking for the easiest one look no further. Throw on a pink dress and hold a pregnancy test stick up. I mean you don’t have to be pregnant but it just sells the look better.



If you like wearing sunglasses and ALSO a hat

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Bruno Mars
What you’ll need: Snapback, Dark Sunglasses, Fake Versace

This is great costume idea if you have a large group of friends because Bruno Mars usually has a large entourage. Just add lots of bling, oversized graphic button ups, a snapback, and of course sunglasses at night.


If you are a Couple

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What you’ll need: Yankee’s Jersey & Baseball Hat, Literally any iconic JLo inspired outfit (suggested sequin or rhinestone floor length dress)

In my head, JLo is my best friend and I’m still  a little upset about the divorce from Marc Anthony. But she and A-Rod make so much sense,I really can’t be mad at it.This is super easy costume for you and your boo,especially if you’re a Yankees fan.


If you’re always on Instagram 

Don't take me anywhere, I'm annoying as hell HAHAHAHAHAHA 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #salicerose #music

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Salice Rose
What you’ll need: Jeans, White Crop Top, Red Wig or Hair Paint, Temporary Tattoos and/or Eyeliner

Now if you’re on instagram you have probably seen one of her videos either twerking in the street or embarrassing her friends.Salice Rose is a Youtube and Instagram personality and has 6.7 million followers on Instagram alone.

Transforming into the goofy internet celeb would be pretty simple: red wig or red hair spray and a bunch of tattoos to replicate hers. I think it would be fun to draw them on with eyeliner or you could use a bunch of temporary tattoos from the dollar store


If you are a Novela addict  

Maria Del Barrio/Thalia
What you’ll need: Black Eyeshadow, Black Long-sleeve T shirt, construction paper crown

Everyone knows the now famous meme from Itatí Cantoral’s character Soraya Montenegro from the classic novela Maria la del Barrio.


People forget what a babe Thalia played as the title character.The costume could not be simpler: all black outfit,black eyeshadow for the dirt, and a makeshift paper crown will do!


If you’re a Regular Schmegular girl

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Cardi B
What you’ll need: Long black wig and/or straightened hair, Pink tube top, pink feather boa, pink pants

Cardi B is pretty much everywhere right now and if you don’t like Bodak Yellow you are a bold face liar. She’s got a lot of classic outfits,but I think the easiest to pull off is this all pink ensemble. Just remember you have to stick your tongue out a lot.

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