Instagram is one heck of a self-care haven -- from hilarious memes to puppy photos, makeup tutorials to the next viral dance challenge.

All of the above can take your mind off the struggles of reality. Personally? I prefer poetry. It’s my cathartic release; digesting words that motivate, awaken, validate, and inspire. It’s also become a huge part of my self-care regimen. Here’s a list of 12 amazing, some lesser known, yet incredibly talented POC poets you should follow now.

1. Samantha King @_samantha.king

Cause sometimes you just need to know that someone out there has got your back #SamanthaKing

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2. Cleo Wade @cleowade

Poetry date night with my lady universe, @sarahhudsonxx

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3.  Aman K. Batra @amankbatra

Happened a couple months ago, but I'm still petty, woke, & territorial.

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4. Kwabena Foli @kwabena_foli

#kwabenafoli #typewriter

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5.  Lang Leav @langleav

Happy #worldpoetryday 🌏

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6. Nayyirah Waheed @nayyirah.waheed

poem. from salt. by nayyirah waheed. #salt #nejma #literature #nayyirahwaheed

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7.  Rudy Francisco @rudyfrancisco

8. Rupi Kaur @rupikaur_

you were pure gold yesterday southern california ❤️ thank you for your hearts

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9. Tonya Ingram @tonyainstagram

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10. Yazmin Monet Watkins @yazminmonetwatkins

1/30 Understanding #nationalpoetrymonth

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11. Yesika Salgado @yesikastarr

12. Yrsa Daley-Ward @yrsadaleyward

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