Festival/concert season has officially begun! In 2017,we gave y’all the festival must-haves, so we are back with this summer’s essentials.

Last year, I went my first festival ,Electric Zoo, in New York. I learned to  just relax and enjoy the music, and to get a really good sports bra for shuffling. I am using my knowledge I’ve gained to help y’all look hella cute this summer.

When you take a selfie vs. when your friend takes a pic of you😒
When you take a selfie vs. when your friend takes a pic of you😒

The Staple

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Crop tops and festivals go together like peanut butter and jelly, mango and tajin, me and stress eating, the two just go together.

Feline Fatale has some of the most adorable crop tops, bralettes, and shorts. They have cute little phrases like “no fuck boyz” which I feel on a spiritual level. You can shop them here.

Bunny Ears>Cat Ears

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You can’t go wrong with the classic animal ears or flower crown. But it’s festival season, the only time of year where glitter and chonies are an acceptable if not commonplace ensemble. So why settle for just one or the other?


Mi Beya Cultura makes Mexican Inspired accessories. They have the perfect animal ears and flower crowns for your weekend needs. You can find them here.

Surviving the Long Lines

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Okay look, I’m 24 going on 55, I am always late to trends. I am still bumping albums from 2001. I know fidget spinners were at peak popularity last year, but I still love them. It will definitely help past the time while waiting in long lines (especially if you are under the influence😏.)

Cinco Bellas creates the most adorable phone cases and accessories. I really love the pan dulce design. You can shop them here.

Flaunt Your Flair

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If you are a pin collector like me, you probably like to wear one or two out on occasion. Concerts are the perfect time to bust them out, and jazz up your outfit.

Dukes Art creates this awesome Hot Cheeto anonymous pin. It’s so cute and a little illuminati esque which I love. You can find it here.

Fast Fashion Conscious

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With the planet is not doing so well,we are all trying our best to be environmentally conscious. Fast fashion from chain retailers is one of the biggest sources of trash and waste. We can all reduce,reuse, and recycle to do our part in reducing waste.


STONEDAGER creates unique upcycled one of a kind pieces. They often create tye-dyed and cut pieces that are perfect for festivals. You can check out their instagram here.

Step Up Your Flower Crown

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Flower crowns have been a constant for the past few years. They have been done in so many different ways, it almost makes you think what else could be done.

I will tell you: REAL FLOWERS HO’.

A.H.R. Florals has wine and floral design classes where you can get tipsy and learn how to stunt with your REAL flower crown. You can check their instagram out here.

Suns Out Buns Out

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Summer means you can let yourself be free and let your booty cheeks shine in all their glory. It’s hot as hell and if you are standing outside all day shorts are about your only option.


Magic Made Creations customizes denim with a Disney twist. From shorts to jackets, they have the cutest denim pieces. You can shop them here.

Eye 💖 Raves

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I think what I really love about festivals is that you can wear bright colors and unusual pieces without looking out of place. This is especially freeing if you work in an office environment and have to wear business casual everyday. 


Girls with Gunz is a Canadian fashion line that is inspired by gore and galaxies. I am obsessed this eyeball design and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. You can find Girls with Gunz shop here.

Positive Vibe Jewelry

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I am not sure if it is the music or being intoxicated but you can meet the nicest people at festivals. There is such an air of adventure and meeting new and interesting folks.

Continue the positivity with energy charged accessories. Shop Third Planet hand crafts some of the most beautiful and elegant crystal jewelry. You can shop them here.

Summer Sparkle

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Sparkles and glitter are an integral part to any festival gear. Swimsuits and bodysuits are not an exemption.

Pinkness Co is an apparel,accessory, and skin care brand. They have the prettiest sparkly swimsuits and bikinis that are perfect for beach parties or all day in the desert. You can shop them here.

When in Doubt, Add More Rainbow

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If you are unsure of how to dress for a festival, the main rule is that there are no rules. You can be as comfortable as you want or as dressed up. If you are feeling a little self conscious that you are not jazzy enough, just add rainbows!


Agave Fleurs is handmade accessory company that makes items for looks ranging from traditional to urban style. There colorful beaded necklaces are subtle enough to wear any day but bright enough to make you stand out at any rave. You can shop them here.

Bright Lipstick is a MUST

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One of my favorite cosmetic items to hoard (I mean collect) is lipstick. I am drawn to the unusual colors, and festival season is the perfect time to show them off.

Necromancy Cosmetica is a Puerto Rico based makeup company. All their products are vegan and cruelty free and come in all sorts of unique colors. You can find them here.

Pokemon Cutie

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Pokemon Go isn’t as popular as it once was (I still play, shoutout Team Valor) but Pokemon will never die. Something about those cute little creatures is addicting, and I really can’t stop until I have collected them all.


The Chu Store has the obsessively cute Pokemon crop tops and bikinis. They also carry other anime inspired items. You can check them out here.

For all your Festival/Concert needs make sure to check out our database. 



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