The holiday season is here and what better gift to give than a nostalgic enamel pin?

Primxs, Hermanxs and your hip modern Tia will love these awesome pins made by Latinx artists!

Gilded Nopal

This lovely Mexican artist based in California makes her pins by hand with clay, felt and paint! Super cute pins with a message! Personal favorite: “Brown girls for black lives” pin.

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This Latinx designer/illustrator (and my personal favorite pin designer) makes the most colorful large pins. From Miss Rupaul (Covergirl!) to Amy Winehouse (Rest in Power bbygrl) and of course, latinx idol queen Selena (LA REINA PARA SIEMPRE!) , it’s pretty clear this is a dope gift for anyone and a collectable for the holidays!


Peralta Project

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This Dominican artist/illustrator has some hilariously amazing pins. Clearly, a tribute to his amazing cultura, these pins will remind you of your days watching your mami or papi cook with Goya or them drinking some Café Bustelo. Nostalgic and sweet.


Bella Dona

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Los Angeles-based designers Lala Romero and Natalia Gold are the owners of Bella Dona LA. Clearly inspired by their Latinx roots and neighborhoods,they have created amazing collectable pins such as Frida, La Riena Selena, A bottle of Tajin and OF COURSE a bag of glittery Hot Cheetos! Que mas nececitas!?



Leslie Gutierrez Saiz, owner and designer of Exvotodesign, is based in Los Angeles and makes pins showcasing her chicanx culture. From her Chola hand pin raising its manicured hands, to her Sad girl pin, you can’t go wrong with her designs as a gift for a fellow latinx ladies and Gents.



Cry Forever// Knot Your Friend
Cry Forever// Knot Your Friend

This California-based designer loves making pins showcasing our unity as women of color. She currently has 2 amazing pin designs: the all seeing handbook and the homegirls pin. Both will be for sale soon!


The Hermosa Co.:

This Oregon based Xicanx have some amazing pin designs. A personal favorite: The “Grosera” pin. (you know, that word your mami always yells at you when you’re acting a fool). On top of that they have a dia de los muertos pin, Death of the endless sandman pin and the Mictlantecuhtli Aztec Death God Skull Mask pin. All amazing, colorful and totally needed for your pin collection!


Son Pins:

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This LA based Latinx lady has an adorable Muneca Maria pin designed after a doll her father brought her as a kid from Mexico. Colorful and so cute, it’s a must have! Next on her list? A Frijolera pin! Keep your eye out for this designer.


Space Cake LA:

Space Cake LA: Los Angeles based Space Cake has an array of pin designs. Ranging from a Dodge Neon pin, a ‘No bras, no Masters’ (can I get an amen on that!) and of course La Reina Selena. (Yeah, you need ALL of these Selena pins get on board). These, like most of this list, are total collectables!


Feliz Navidad! Shop small this season and enjoy these amazing artists and their pins. Compra para toda la familia!

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