In August 2016, we first noticed the internet lacked a comprehensive database of Latinx-owned businesses.

Inspired by this noticeable deficit of representation of brown-owned businesses online, we decide to make a database of our own.

Our co-founders, Brittany Chavez and Raquel García, first teamed up to create an Instagram account celebrating the stories of Latinx small businesses and entrepreneurs. But, after an outpouring of support from across the country (our Instagram base has since grown to over 29k followers), Shop Latinx (SLx) has evolved into what it is now: an online movement dedicated to empowering Latinx-owned businesses and promoting Latinx entrepreneurship.

Realizing this couldn’t be a two-mujer show, our co-founders teamed up with a collective of writers, journalists, and designers who have helped to transform SLx into what it is today.. Together, our dedicated, all-Latinx staff has worked to make SLx an interactive space dedicated to amplifying the voices of Latinx creatives and entrepreneurs.

Co-Founders Brittany Chavez and Raquel Garcia Photo by Vanessa Gonzalez

In addition to our online database, SLx has evolved to feature diverse editorial content, including articles, features, and interviews. All of our content is focused on strengthening the bonds between Latinx business owners and their communities—we want to ensure current and future Latinx entrepreneurs know we are here to support them.

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One Team One Dream

At SLx, We are a collective of creatives striving to promote Latinx owned-businesses and adding our voice to the community.

Co-Founder Brittany Chavez

Brittany Chavez


Co-Founder Raquel Garcia

Raquel Garcia



Breana Quintero

Director, Creative Operations


Vanessa Gonzalez

Social Media Manager