I work from home. I never leave my home. Ever.

Because of this, I find myself glued to the computer, getting lost in the abyss of the MUA YouTube tutorial world everyday, for hours on end.

Makeup and beauty tutorials have become almost an…obsession? It’s because they’re SO satisfying to watch, definitely up there with Dr. Pimplepopper and slime videos.

Whether you’re an pro MUA or just a makeup fanatic, you’re going to enjoy all the videos from our favorite Afro Latina Beauty Vloggers.


Tatiana JD is a Dominican and Puerto Rican beauty vlogger that specializes in Natural Glow tutorials. She has an aesthetically pleasing Instagram with the best color coordination. You can follow her channel here.

Iris Beilin

Iris Beilin is a Panamanian beauty guru who is super energetic and definitely one of my favorites to watch. I really like her full face challenge videos where she only uses products from one makeup line. She also does great fashion hauls and brand comparisons for plus size clothing. You can watch her YouTube channel here.


PinkBarbie_x3 is a makeup artist that does my favorite type of look: bright and glittery. Her video catalog may not be quite as large as the others on her list, but her Instagram is filled with mini tutorials ranging from avant-garde rainbow to ultra glittery pink looks. This Jamaican and Costa Rican artist  promotes anti-bullying to her fans while encouraging others to be confident and embrace themselves. You can subscribe to her channel here.

Monica Style Muse

MonicaStyle Muse is one of the funnest and energetic MUAs in the beauty community. The Dominican artist has been extremely vocal about her Afro Latina identity and the struggles and prejudice she faces. One thing I really love about her videos is when they feature her family, especially her mom and grandma. You can tell that she gets her confidence and sense of humor from a line of strong women. You can follow her YouTube here.

Alexa Beauty Haute

Alexa Beauty Haute is a self-taught makeup artist from Honduras and has videos covering hair, makeup, and fashion. I love her storytimes about her life, moving to United States, and her experiences as an Afro Latina. You can check out her YouTube channel here.



Linda Elaine aka JaMexican Beauty is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger. She makes fitness, hair, makeup, and everyday vlogs. My favorite videos are her 5 and 10 min makeup looks. She makes it look so easy and effortless! I almost want to try it myself… almost. She also has huge hair playlists both in mastering lace fronts and protecting your natural hair. You can check out her channel here.

Jeseniá Cheveria

Jesneia Cheveria

Jeseniá Cheveria is a Jamican and Panamanian beauty and fashion guru. Jeseniá creates a ton of try on hauls as well as makeup tutorials. I love her bright and colorful fashion. If I ever left my house I would want to dress just like her. You can check out her channel here.

Chanel Tha Goddess

Chanel Tha Goddesss

Chanel Tha Goddess is a beauty blogger of Honduran and Mexican descent. Her tutorials focus more on a dazzling eyeshadow with the perfect neutral lip, which is one of my go-to looks. If you are looking for some great everyday glam looks, I would definitely check out her channel.

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