Latinx culture isn’t just nopales and Chicano Batman.

No shade, just facts. Let’s not forget about the rich history of the African diaspora in Latin America, as well and our Afro-Latinx hermanxs we need to support in every way we can.

From Puerto Rican mofongo to colorful, printed head wraps, African traditions have played a vital role in inspiring the food, clothing, arts, and music we grew up on and still love today. Afro-Latinx trailblazers such as Celia Cruz, Roberto Clemente, and Victoria Santa Cruz made it their mission to uplift their communities, seek rights, and showcase the beauty in being Black.

If you’re looking to do some last-minute gift shopping, check out this list of amazing Afro-Latinx owned businesses.

Not your Basic X-mas Sweater

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We all have that one friend who is too excited for Christmas. You know, the person who starts blasting the Mariah Carey Christmas album the day right after Halloween.


Peralta Project has this unique Walter Mercado sweater that would be a great add to anyone’s Christmas sweater hoarding collection. Check out other shirts, prints, and accessories at their shop here.

For the homies obsessed with their Zodiac Sign

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Alright, I will admit that I am 100% guilty of using my zodiac sign as an excuse for my shortcomings. I am famously known for uttering the phrase “ I don’t know, I’m a Libra” when justifying my indecisiveness.

Zahira Kelly is an artist, writer, and sociocultural critic who creates some gorgeous illustrations. You can find the zodiac series as well as other super cute designs here.


The reminder we all need

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2017 has been, to say so eloquently, a complete garbage fire. Between dusty cheeto face, human rights violations, threat of nuclear war, and general white f*ckery, we have to continue the fight for our community every single day.

DeGuarapo has this shirt and others to remind you to keep pushing back against the oppressors. You can shop them here.


The Fanciest Gift I can think of

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It’s really hard finding a unique gift for people who have everything, especially if they are bougie. The fanciest thing I can think of is hiring a personal chef for a meal. Like talk about class, and food always tastes better when you don’t make it.

Chef Daniella is private chef and owner of an all WOC ran catering company. You can hire her for private dinners, cooking classes, and other services here.


Central American Pride

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Show your Central American friends and family some love with this ultra beautiful Tee. Especially,if you are a calligraphy nerd the type on the front is to die for.

Brown Sugar and Canela has this tee and more celebrating Afro-Latinx pride. You can shop them here.


Hella Cute Accessories

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If you love vibrant bold pieces, you NEED to check out Azteca Negra.

From bright head wraps to intricate necklaces, they have gorgeous accessories perfect to liven up any outfit. Shop Azteca Negra here.


Flair on Point

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In the recent years, I have been really into collecting enamel pins. It’s like a little piece of wearable art, that can personalize any ensemble and look beautiful on a pin board.

GRL TRBL is ran by illustrator Emerald Pellot that creates intersectional feminist art. You can shop their work here.


Clueless vibes

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If you are anything like me, you are constantly thinking your life is a 90s rom-com. These poofy earrings give me the perfect retro -babe feel.

Babe Comets creates perfect pastel poofy earrings to make your look pop.You can find them here.


Did you forget about us?

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Our shirts mention decolonizing and the diaspora, and all the profit goes towards improving our site. You can find them here.

This year for your holiday shopping season make sure to check out our database. 


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