It’s that time of year again, the school year is upon us.

And like any other time of year it’s the perfect opportunity to #ShopLatinx! Whether you are in elementary school or a college student, we have everything you need to start the semester off right!

Fanny Packs are Appropriate for any Situation


If you are familiar with any of my lists, you know I try to include fanny packs at every opportunity. They are cute, practical, and hide your fupa. What is not to love!
Get this hella cute fanny for running around campus. Audey Thunders has some awesome fannies in the most adorable patterns. You can find them here.

Keep Cute & Organized


I love keeping myself organized by over accessorizing my planner. Everyday I wake and I use my stickers to plan my day, it’s kind of like procrastinating while being productive.
Aicitelt Designs creates the best Latinx inspired stickers for planners and calendars. You can shop them here.

Get it Together


I’m so forgetful it’s not even funny, I literally have a million alarms on my phone as random reminders throughout the day. Back in my high school days, I would post it not my whole room to remind myself of assignments.
Ahliyah Crafts makes these adorable concha Minnie Mouse notepads. You can shop them here.

Basic but not Boring


Now you may think that basic supplies like pencils are hella boring. They are actually great way to subtly show your personality and jazz up your life!
Chic Party Goods not only carries party supplies but these ultra cute pencils. Check them out here!

For Chisme On the Go


The best part of going to school is hanging out with your friends. Goofing around with your homies really breaks up the school day and of course so does spilling the hot chisme.
Take your tea sipping on the go with his portable tea infuser by Casa Papalotl. You can shop this infuser and more tea selections here.

Photography Essential


Whether you’re in high school, college, or just a photography , you know how important it is to keep your camera protected.
Emiluna has these beautiful handwoven camera straps perfect for showing off this semester. You can find them here.

Just Throw it in the Bag


Whether you store your actual pencils or lip glosses(like I did…) ,you can’t go back to school without a pencil pouch.
Folklor Accessories creates awesome pencil bags,makeup brush organizers ,and many more products. You can find them here.

Backpack Backpack


Every year when I was a kid, my favorite part of school shopping was picking out my backup for the year. I couldn’t wait to stunt on the other kids with the cutest bag.
Vince and Soph teamed up with artist Crystal Domi to create these ultra adorable backups. My favorite is the frida inspired unicorn design. You can check them out here.

For more Latinx owned businesses, check out our Database here.

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