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Beauty Affirmation Candle



  • Description

Back for the holidays! Affirmation intention candle. I love myself, I love my skin, I am beautiful, always. Repeat it, light it, believe it. Hand poured in small batches, 100% soy wax and phthalate free fragrance. Notes of real palo santo oil*, tonka bean, vanilla, oud & blood orange. Sultry, sweet and warm. 3.5 Oz, in reusable glass jar with lid and wooden wick.


*preservation of Amazônia and indigenous lands and practice is essential, for this reason, I only use certifiably sustainable palo santo, properly prepared with only (natural) deadfall wood, in the proper manner, properly harvested and handled with the respect and care this sacred wood and it’s care takers and guardians  deserve. 2/3 trees used for palo santo are on the critically endangered list, which is part of why it’s so important to know exactly where it comes.