7 Rising Latinx Designers To Have On Your Radar For 2023

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As a fashion obsessed child, I was used to not seeing any last names that resembled my own in fashion magazines. However, with the proliferation of social media, these legacy fashion houses don’t mean nearly as much as what they used to.

Instead, emerging Latinx designers are paving the way, bringing the diversity and vibrancy of their cultures along with them. From tropical silhouettes to up-cycled patchwork designs, the influence that Latinx fashion designers bring to the industry is truly refreshing and much needed.

If you’re looking for designers to support, whether by buying a piece or giving a follow on social media, look no further.

Here are seven Latinx designers to keep on your radar for 2023.

   1.- Korimi México


Korimi Mexico specializes in handmade garments that honors the traditions of Mexico. The Limited pieces feature hand-embroidered illustrations by women in Chiapas and Mexico City.

  2.- Casa Muza


    Caza Muza is a ready-to-wear sustainable and ethical clothing brand, based in NYC. The brand signature features hand screen printed drawings, bohemian and nomadic aesthetic in which characterize the design for fearless women on the go.

       3.- Tiempo de Zafra


    Tiempo De Zafra is a sustainable fashion brand that creates custom on-demand designs from excess textile waste since 2018.

       4.- Nayr Studio


    Nayr Studio focuses on creating unique bag silhouettes. Their signature Love crossbody tote bag sold out in minutes and the brand recently came out with their mini Love tote bags.

       5.- Bala di Gala


    Bala Di Gala is a luxury footwear brand. Their shoes are handmade in 100% leather, made to empower, inspire and accompany those who dare to become their own muses.

       6.- Mofongo Kicks


    Mofongo Kicks is a Puerto Rican streetwear clothing brand that uses a unique blend of culture, art, entertainment to unite a Spanish speaking community that appreciates sneakers and streetwear.

       7.- Montserrat Messeguer


    Montserrat Messeguer focuses on the aesthetics of a coarser and less abundant Mexico: the North region, its monochrome handicrafts, the earthy palette of its deserts and cacti, the coarseness of its materials and climate.