5 Latinx Artists To Add To Your Fall Cozy Season Playlist

Mekita Rivas

The leaves are falling, the sweaters are getting thicker, the temperatures are dropping, and the chocolate caliente is piping hot in your favorite mug. It could all mean only one thing: It’s cozy season, familia. Layer on your cable knits, grab your pumpkin spice beverage of choice, and get ready for all the bundled-up feels that come with the fall and winter months.

Now, although the shorter days are a bit of a bummer (goodbye, sunlight past 6 p.m.), we make up for it by embracing all that this time of year has to offer, from comfort movie marathons to holiday hangouts with loved ones. Of course, to really get into the spirit of the season, you need the right mood. And as everyone knows, there’s no greater mood-setter than the proper soundtrack. 

If you came of age during the era of mixtapes and CD mixes, then you remember firsthand what it was like putting careful thought into your song selection. Just as the right song can set the mood, the wrong song can kill it — fast. To ensure that you keep the cozy season vibes going strong well past January, we’ve compiled a few Latinx artists whose music belongs on any fall or winter playlist you’re putting together. 

From chill tunes to catchy, retro-inspired beats to songs with a rock edge, these musicians are worth adding into your frequent rotation no matter the time of year. 



We can’t get enough of Alaíde’s chill-rock energy. She released her latest single, “La Corriente,” earlier this year, but she’s a multihyphenate too. The Mexican singer is an actress as well, and can be spotted in the Netflix series “Rebelde.” She was also the face of a recent Maybelline campaign.

Song on repeat: “Enredaderas”

Easy Easy 

This Guatemalan four-piece band is ideal background music for when you want to unwind and completely clear your mind. Their dreamy melodies combine different influences, including R&B, pop, hip hop, and indie rock. You can expect to hear a lot of experimentation with languages — both English and Spanish — resulting in a distinct alternative sound.

Song on repeat: “Katana”

Latin Mafia 

Three brothers are behind Latin Mafia, the chill-hop group that maintains a relatively low key online presence yet boasts nearly 400,000 monthly Spotify listeners. While they’re new to the scene and have yet to go on an official tour, they’ve teased an upcoming appearance in Mexico City on November 12.

Song on repeat: “Julieta”


In spring 2022, the Afro-Dominican artist dropped her debut single, “Cruisin,” and it’s been a go-to anthem ever since. One listen to the lyrics reveals that sometimes you’ve got to walk away from situations that aren’t serving you. Mairaly’s sound seamlessly blends Latin and R&B influences that create an immersive audio experience you can’t get enough of.

Song on repeat: “Cruisin”


For a fall-appropriate sound that will never miss, turn to this established alternative rock band. Hailing from Mexico City, Odisseo is a beloved band that’s regularly selling out shows. They’ve been around since 2010, with their popularity stemming from their unique approach to lyrics, harmonies, and melodies. The origin of the band’s name, Odio (hate) + Deseo (desire), speaks to the contradictory, moody themes they often explore in their music.

Song on repeat: “Los Imanes”

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