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Afro-Latinx Owned Brands You Need to Know

Posted on March 01 2019

Afro-Latinx Owned Brands You Need to Know

It’s Black History Month, and one of the many ways to show support (besides confronting your racist TiTi) is by shopping from Afro-Latinx owned business. 

Here are just a few of our favorite Afro Latinx owned brands!

Def Child

Def Child is an Afro Latina artist that creates paintings, jewelry, and bath products based in Rhode Island. My favorite are her custom made soaps that say “Nice Butt” because someone’s got to hype you up,;) You can check out their instagram here.


Yo Soy Afro Latina

Yo Soy Afro Latina is an Afro-Mexican owned brand that highlights the experiences of Afro Latinas. They make the cutest apparel, mugs, and tote bags. Our favorites include the “Mija I’m Busy” tote. You can shop them here.

Freshly Made

Freshly made is a salad and juice bar owned by two  Dominican women, Angi and Marielys, in the South Bronx.. Freshly Made aims to bring healthy affordable options to the South Bronx Community. They serve mainly Vegan and Vegetarian options.You can check them out here.

Latin Mocha Intl Fashion

Latin Mocha is a Panamanian owned fashion brand that celebrates Latinas. This Texas-based company focuses on showcasing the whole spectrum of skin tones in Latindad. You can shop them here.


Afrolunatika is a Puerto Rico-based jewelry brand. Each piece is handmade, and many of them feature phrases like “Melanin Goddess” and “Buena  Vibra”. You can check them out here.

Bewitched Babe Cosmetics

This Cuban-owned cosmetics company caters to women of all shades. Bewitched Babe Cosmetics has body scrubs, lip glosses, and (my favorite) highlighters. I personally love the highlighter in the shade “Gringa Tears”. You can shop them here.


Ever wanted to make gentrifiers feel uncomfortable without speaking? Piritees is the perfect brand for you! Piritees is a Puerto Rican & Dominican-owned social justice apparel company. They are the home of the the classic “Gentrification is Warfare” tee. You can get your own here.

Wanda Perez Cosmetics

Wanda Perez Cosmetics is Dominican owned brand based in Massachusetts. Currently they make highlighters and lip gloss perfect for the glowy look. You can shop them here.

For more Latinx-owned Businesses make sure to check our Directory and use the hashtag #ShopLatinx