Did you blow your budget during the holidays and now you are struggling to get your bae the perfect Valentine's gift?

Whether you are shopping for your main joint, your bestie, or your mom, we still got to keep it classy with limited finances.

I am a self-proclaimed expert of faking the fancy and I have assembled list to help you do the same.

The Elegant Staple

Large Vegan Tahitian Pearl Necklace || The Siten

The perfect accessory to class up any outfit is a classic pearl necklace. It can turn you from a hickabilly to kicking people out of your caucasian home.

Lady of the Pearl has beautiful pearl and vegan pearl necklaces and chokers for around $20. The perfect posh present for an affordable price.

You can find Lady of Pearl jewelry at their site here.

The Envy of all Pinterests

On almost everyone's Pinterest "dream home" board, is the perfectly-composed art gallery in their living room.

When you are too cheap to spring for an original piece, don't just buy knock-off art from Ross. Instead, buy an unique print from a local artist. They are regularly inexpensive, and if you get for a frame from the Dollar Store, you can transform this gift from low-budget buy to upscale decor.

Art de Karla has beautiful prints of her paintings ranging from $6-$10 available on her etsy shop.

The Fancy Way to Get Drunk

Wine is a romantic staple when it comes to a fancy Valentine's gift. Nothing says class like an artisanal wine from a family-owned vineyard.

Robledo Family Winery is a Mexican-owned company. The founder, Reynaldo Robledo, began his career in wine as a migrant worker in Napa and now his family owns vineyards in Sonoma and Lakeport, California.

You can find delicious white wines priced from $18-$25 on their site here.

Gold without the Gaudy

I will say that I am fan of giant over-the-top earrings (and all jewelry) but to be ultra-bougie you need that cute, little gold touch.

One Dae Homemade has the most elegant jewelry, made with gold flakes and florals ranging from $10-$13. You can find beautiful rings and earrings on their site here.

Hella Cute Calligraphy

Nothing says fancy quite like a unique gift personalized for your boo. This is not any Target mass produced font, this is hand-drawn calligraphy specially made for YOU-- that no one else has.

The Sassy Poppy is a Los Angeles based etsy shop that has pieces starting at $7.

A Little Something Sensual 

Every Valentine's Day has a Valentine's Night. Maybe you and your bae are cuddled up together, maybe you're diddling your skittle, I'm not here to judge just tell you good deals.

Archetypal Musings has a wide assortment of skincare products including the Love Goddess massage oil priced at $12. You can find more products and art at their shop here.

For more Valentine's Day ideas check out our Database  filled with Latinx/Chicanx owned businesses. 

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