Celestial Lotus Fragrance Oil



  • Description

A concentrated all natural fragrance oil made with natural plant extracts, free of phthalates. Simple and clean, essential oil derived fragrance, concentrated and skin safe. Can be put on pulse points, or however desired on skin. Excellent for those who like a subtle fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. Can be layered under other fragrances to add new dimension to a favorite perfume. Warm, subtly spicy floral. Romantic top notes of rose and lotus, mid notes of warm cardamom, grounded with base notes of palo santo. Inspired by the well loved scent of our Star Bright eye cream.


ingredients: jojoba oil, lotus oil, Bulgarian rose oil, cardamom oil, palo santo oil, Orange oil, Jasmine oil, neroli oil, argan oil 


1 oz square glass dropper