Alamar Cosmetics
Celebrating Culture Through Cosmetics
Miami, FL
EST EST 2017
A color cosmetics brand that is a celebration of culture, an emblem of pride, an avenue of self-expression. We are creators, dreamers, go-getters, hustlers, glam mamis and papis alike. We offer stunning formulas that won't break the bank and shades for all that will always turn heads. We are Alamar.
Woman Owned
Gives back
Clean Ingredients

Gabriela Trujillo
President & CEO
Gabriela Trujillo is a veteran Make-up artist, CEO, and founder of Alamar Cosmetics. Her beauty brand is inspired by the rich Latinx culture found in Miami, where she was raised. The name “Alamar” is an homage to her birthplace in Havana, Cuba and her hustle is a testament to what a young girl from a small island can do when she allows passion and positivity to guide her. Gabriela weaves her talent for product development, cosmetic textures, and color combinations with the love she feels for her family's heritage, to produce authentic, high quality, cosmetics that are created from el corazon <3
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