Concrete Geometric
Eco Concrete Homewares
Los Angeles, CA
EST EST 2013
Concrete Geometric is a design studio using concrete as a medium to create various homeware products. Each piece is hand made and one of kind created by Krizia in her home studio.
Woman Owned
Ethically Produced
Made in the US
Gives back
Clean Ingredients

Set of Three  |  Earth Plant Pots
Set of Three | Earth Plant Pots
Concrete Geometric
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Concrete D.I.Y Tray Kit
Concrete D.I.Y Tray Kit
Concrete Geometric
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Krizia Flores (She/Her)
Krizia Flores is a homeware designer who uses concrete as the medium for everything she creates. Born in Nicaragua, and raised in LA she designs and hand makes all of her homeware items inspired by the colors in nature that have surrounded her throughout her entire life. From designing planter pots to collaboration on various objects ranging from Bookends for the City of LA to awards for skate competitions. Her work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Paris, NY, Canada, and LA design weeks. She continues to explore her work with concrete as well as teaching others with no experience to create something special with Concrete DIY kits.
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