Cosas bonitas for your casita- soulful home goods that celebrate our Latinx roots Los Angeles, CA • 2017 •
Los Angeles, CA
EST EST 2017
Oeste is a design studio that creates thoughtful, soulful goods for your home that celebrate Latin-x culture and design. From our small-yet-mighty studio, we make hand-poured aromatic candles in small batches using the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials available. More than just great candles, our goal is to offer beautiful, quality home goods you’ll love, while also celebrating our rich cultural histories.
Woman Owned
Ethically Produced
Made in the US
Clean Ingredients

Naomi Castillo (She/Her/Ella)
Naomi Castillo was born in Los Angeles, CA to Central American immigrant parents. She founded Oeste in 2017 while living in New York City and homesick for her native LA and all the sensory experiences that make home, home. Started as creative project to explore the power of scent and memory, Oeste has evolved into a space that celebrates her Latin-x roots, and the notion of home, through the lens of design.
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