College, I can honestly say, was some of the best years of my life.

It’s cliche I know, but I’ve met some of my best friends and learned so many life lessons. I am lucky  to say that almost every skill and class I took, I have used in my career thus far. It almost makes that expensive a$$ piece of paper worth it. If you have a college student in your life, here are some great gifts from Latinx owned businesses.

I was super hungover and barely made it to walk.

For all the Grads

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One of my biggest regrets is not decorating my graduation cap. It’s not only a cute way to express yourself, it helps your family spot you during the ceremony.

Mi Chiquita, Tmf makes lovely calligraphy and illustrations on graduation caps. They even have a printable design you can add on yourself. You can check out their instagram here.

Greek Gear

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Greek life is some of the most rewarding experiences you can have at college. Whether in a social, cultural, or professional organization you will definitely make lifelong friends (and wear color coordinated outfits).

Graffiti Greek creates handmade greek apparel, paddles, and more. They are perfect gifts for your Big or fellow members. You can check out their instgram here.

The Best Planner Accessories

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I recently got into keeping a physical planner, and I do not know why I haven’t done it sooner! This is perfect for college students or anyone that likes to make lists. Decorating my planner for the day helps me refocus for the day and its a huge stress relief.

Aicitelt Designs makes planner stickers inspired by Latinx culture. My favorites are the concha and Selena stickers. You can shop them here.

Take Up Space

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Although demographics are changing, its still not uncommon to be the only person of color in a college classroom. I went to a PWI (predominately white institution) in the South and this was often the case for me. I am glad that more and more POC are taking up space in academia, and writing our history and context in these academic spaces.

Be proud of who you are and your heritage. Es La Maestra is a brand that celebrates representation and education. Show off with their “Educated Latina” t-shirt, you can find them here.

Backpack Backpack

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During my undergrad years, I was known for always rocking a hello kitty backpack. It had ears on it, so I was super easy to spot in a crowd.

If they had this cute backpack while I was still in school, I would be all over it. Crystal Domi is a Latinx designer and illustrator that creates all sorts of items with cultural inspiration. You can find this backpack and more here.

If You Go To School in the South

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Now I would say I am certified Valley girl (818 all day!) , my mom didn’t really believe in interacting with nature all that much. When I started going to school in Virginia with folks that grew up riding horses and doing things like surviving in nature…for fun,it was a culture shock. You would really be surprised on how many social events you need to wear boots for.

Botas El Bronco is a family owned company that sells boots handcrafted by Mexican Artisans. You can shop them here.

Perfect for Any Age

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Although we are mainly focusing on college students, this cute gift is the perfect any student at any age.

Chic Party Goods creates these adorable pencils with inspirational phrases to get you through tests or homework. You can find them here.

Forever Chingona

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Whether you have your Masters, PhD,or graduated from the school of hard knocks, you are a badass. We all find education in different ways and it doesn’t make us any better or worse than anybody else.

Mi Querida is a lifestyle brand focuses on self love and Latina culture. I have been dying to get their “Chingona State University” sweatshirt. You can find them here.

Pokemon Go isn’t as popular as it once was ( I still play,shoutout Team Valor) but pokemon will never die. Something about those cute little creatures is addicting, and I really can’t stop until I have collected them all.

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