This might be my most controversial list yet, I’ve been mentally preparing for the backlash ever since I started my research.

I’m talking about Conchas being a bit…overrated.


I know, blasmephy! 😲 Don’t get me wrong I love Conchas! I grew up eating pan dulce and whenever I eat it, it brings up such feelings of nostalgia. I’ve created drawings of them, I buy pillows in the shape of them— I love them! But in recent years, the pink Concha has become a major icon in products, media, and even inspired a whole campaign to make it a national holiday.


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My job here at ShopLatinx writing these lists, has made me some sort of an official creeper on Latinx entrepreneurs and Latinx online community. I am constantly looking at new products being released, and people’s reception  towards them. The amount of Concha-themed products in my humble opinion has skyrocketed and not everyone is loving it.

Some people hate the taste:


Some people think it dominates Latinx media and the perception of Latinidad:


Well I want to say, that I hear you and I see you, and I offer a solution. A list of  equally aesthetically pleasing Latinx desserts that we can totally exploit and slap on everything and anything. So if you still love conchas to the ends of the earth and don’t care about the saturation of them, I understand:


But I ask you, to have an open mind, an open heart, and most importantly an open stomach.😋

Pasteles con Api



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If you are familiar with my other shopping guides, you probably know that I grew up all over California and went to school in Virginia. Being the valley girl that I am, I was introduced so many different Latinx cultures that I have never had before, including Bolivia. Most of the life long friends I have made from the East coast are Bolivians and their culture is so unique and fascinating to me. But for some reason it took 7 years of friendship before one of them hoes took me to eat some Bolivian food! (you know who you are 😒)

Pasteles are these delicious fluffy yet crispy empanada-like pastry that is deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Inside they have a thin layer of cheese, so it’s the perfect combo of sweet and savory. The proper beverage to pair with Pasteles is Api, a drink made from Purple corn, cinnamon, and other yummniess. To me it tastes like its made from jelly that you make peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it’s so freaking good. You can find this breakfast specialty at El Sabor Boliviano in Springfield,VA.





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Along with making a ton of Bolivian friends, I also met so many Peruvians that are also some of my besties. I have fond memories of my college days when my friend made alfajores for me for the first time. She thought I was dumb for never even hearing what this fabulous cookies are. For those not in the know, Alfajores is like a shortbread cookie sandwich filled with some sort of  dulce de leche and covered with powdered sugar.

Alfajores can be found throughout South America and the Caribbean but I am most familiar with the Peruvian incarnation. These cookies are so cute, I for sure could see them on a t shirt or something. For those in LA, Casa Chaskis Huarique Peruano make awesome Peruvian cuisine at Molcajete Dominguero and soon at their new store front.

Dominican Cake



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In terms of cake, Tres Leches steals all the shine. But an equally as delectable dessert is of course, Dominican Cake. The pastry itself is a moist and airy yellow cake, filled with a fruit filling (usually guava or pineapple), and topped with a meringue icing (no it doesn’t always have the Dominican flag on top, that was just the picture I found).

Jenny’s Sweet Corner is a Bronx based baker that makes the most adorable Dominican cakes. You can follow them on instagram here.




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I feel like Tembleque is Flan’s Puerto Rican cousin (I know Flan and Tembleque are made throughout Latin America, but we are focusing on the Puerto Rican version). Its a cute coconut pudding that can be molded into different shapes! That’s got merchandise written all over it!


This creamy confection is made with coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. Triple Threat Truck is an LA food truck serving Puerto Rican food. You can check out their instagram here.




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Move over Mangonada, you have some competition with the Colombian Cholado. This icy treat is so colorful and can be made with so many different fruits, I’m surprised it’s not sold at every Frutería!

It’s made with shaved ice flavored by condensed milk and fruit syrups  and topped with chopped fruits (like bananas or strawberries) and sometimes ice cream or whipped cream. El Perro International Fast Food is based in New York and serve up some delicious Cholados. You can follow them here.    

Milk Cake



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Another underappreciated dessert is the Belizean Milk Cake (or Light Cake). A buttery luscious cake covered in a thick icing. The icing is made from boiling and cooking condensed milk into pure enjoyment.


You can add a simple cherry or sprinkles or just left plain, and I find it so aesthetically pleasing. You can find them at Belizean Paradise, you can check them out here.




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This is like French Toast with a Cuban upgrade. Thicc toast served with fruit, guava sauce, and cream cheese…like that’s pure perfection. Why aren’t we hyping this breakfast dessert more often?! *side-eyes other Latinx media*

If you are looking for some Torrejas to try, Porto’s Bakery and Cafe serves them along with other Cuban delicacies. You can follow them on instagram here.




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Now out of all the previous mentioned contenders, this one is the biggest rival to the Pink Concha. In terms of color, shape, and marketability, I really feel like this is the main competition.

Espumillas are meringue cookies made in Guatemala and El Salvador usually colored a pastel pink and yellow. The adorable factor is truly off the chart, and  sometimes it’s even topped with sprinkles. I could definitely see an Espumilla as a giant pillow. If you want to eat some and join my unofficial campaign to make this the prominent dessert we see on our Instagram feed, HIT ME UP. La Original Panaderia El Salvador makes these and other pastries. You can check them out here.

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