Dandara of Palmares was an Afro-Brazilian warrior who fought against slavery in the 1600s. There are a lot of uncertainties regarding her life, but there is no doubt that she was fierce! Perhaps it is her legacy and mysterious life that inspired developers at Long Hat House to name its new game Dandara.  Although the connection to Dandara of Palmares is not mentioned, there is no way this was a coincidence. Long Hat House, the game studio that developed Dandara, is based in Brazil and is run by two Brazilian developers.

Nintendo describes the game as, “a bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion, Dandara has awoken to reshape the world.” In the same way that Dandara of Palmares fought against colonialism in Brazil, Long Hat House’s Dandara fights for the freedom of an oppressed people. The Dandara video game doesn’t only have an amazing concept, it will give you some serious super nintendo flashbacks. Ready to play? Me too! You can go here to purchase.

Dandara leaps through a lot of challenges.

Posted by Long Hat House on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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  1. Marvin Smith

    Andrea Magana,
    Great write up! You the basis for a blockbuster tv-series/movie concept. Afro-nime = afro anime 🙂