We are surrounded by graphic design.

From street signs to movie posters, fast food packaging to the default fonts on Word, each design takes time, skill, and an immense amount of effort to create. So, one has to ask, who’s getting hired to create them all? The answer: mainly white people.

According to the 2017 Design Census, roughly 60% of graphic designers are (non-Latinx) white people, with Latinx and (non-Latinx) Black folks making up 8.1% and 3.4%, respectively. Other art professions don’t do any better, either.

Over 70% of working artists are white, as well as 80% of art school graduates. As Latinx entrepreneurship is rising (along with our purchasing power), it is imperative that we support all aspects of business and job creation.

Shop Latinx has teamed up with LADI: Latinx Association of Designers and Illustrators, to show you Latinx creatives you should be following right now!

Christina Henderson

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Christina Henderson is an Afro-Latina, LA based graphic designer. She’s created beautiful composites and illustrations for companies like MiTu. Our personal favorites are her photoshop series of famous Latinas as Disney Princesses. You can check her out here.

Christopher Morales

Christopher Morales is a Nicaraguan footwear and graphic designer. He currently works at the Shoe Surgeon studio, world famous custom shoe designer. You can find him here.

Ruben Guadalupe Marquez

Ruben Guadalupe Marquez aka Broobs.psd is a self-described Gay Mexican Collage Artist. He often creates beautiful flower collages focusing on POC. You can check him out here.

The Designing Chica

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Susanna aka The Designing Chica is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She has more typography-based work and sells products like pillows and mugs with phrases like “Latina F*cking Power.” You can Shop her designs here.

Matt Contreras

Matt Contreras aka Ultragraphique is a designer and illustrator. My favorite designs are the ones commissioned by Bella Dona LA.  You can follow him on Insta here.

Stephanie Roxanne

Stephanie Roxanne aka OhHeyRoxanne is a New York based graphic designer and multimedia artist. She released a tarot card illustration series with cards such as “Cardi B”, “Menstruation,” and “The Fuckboy.” One of my favorite designs, is her “Puta” pattern with a Barbie flair. You can see her work here.

Ludi Levia

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Ludmila (Ludi) Levia is Guatemalan and Slovak multimedia artist and writer. Her work celebrates queer love, and challenges gender norms and sexuality. You can find her work here.

Danny Ramirez

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Danny Ramirez aka Dan Ram is Mexican and Salvadoran graphic designer. He’s worked on a ton of branding for various companies (including some awesome logos). You can find him here.

Baggio Ardon

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Baggio Ardon is a  Salvadoran and Xicano illustrator and designer. His illustrations are rich and colorful displays of Central American and Mexican culture. You can see his work here.

Carina Guevara

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Carina Guevara is a Texas based illustrator. Our favorite pieces are her illustrations of anime and Marvel characters. You can check it out here.

Alberto Chang

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Alberto Chang aka Un Chango is a Guatemalan motion and graphic designer. My favorites are his 3D renderings of shapes in his “F*ck Stereotypes” series. You can find his work here.

Oliv Barros

Oliv Barros is a Brazilian film director, visual, and collage artist. He highlights the beauty of African people often overlooked in the mainstream media. You can see his work here.

Mayte Olvia

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Mayte Olvia is a Guatemalan graphic designer and conceptual designer. She wincorporates these amazing 3D textures in her designs that are straight design porn. You can check the out here.

Santiago Moriv

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Santiago Moriv is a Colombian illustrator. This artist creates the most fantastical 3D characters that are both cute and crazy. You can find them here.

For more Latinx-owned businesses check out our Databaseand for more Latinx Designers and Illustrators check out LADI.


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