Christmas people pump your brakes, Thanksgiving folks stuff your pie hole: it’s October, meaning Halloween is all month long! In my extremely bias opinion, Halloween is the best holiday.

Everyone embraces the creepy and spooky; the colorful costumes, horror movies, and of course the candy.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I be festive every waking moment of October if I have to go to regular job,” don’t worry because I have compiled a list of the cutest Halloween products made by Latinx owned businesses that will keep you in the spirit all October along.



The Unholy Trinity


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If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000’s, you were probably watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer at every opportunity (even if your mom thought it was demonic). You remember how iconic  Aaliyah looked in Queen of the Damned no matter how cheesy that movie actually was. And of course you know all the classic scenes from Jennifer’s Body.

Shop Destruya  has the cutest candles honoring some of these female horror icons. As soon as I saw these, I fell in love!  If you’re obsessed with older shows like me, Shop Destruya also makes X-Files cnadles and other awesome shows. They also make cool pins and stickers, you can shop them here.

Oggie Boogie Bath Bomb


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Literally as soon as I saw October 1 on my calendar, I have been singing to myself “This is Halloween” on repeat. I think it’s just the most appropriate song I mean it is Halloween and something something the pumpkin king.

Loquita Bath and Body  is known for doing the most adorable bath products and they did not disappoint this season. My favorite is this a Oggie Boogie bath bomb, but they also have other Halloween inspired bath bombs(along with the world famous Concha bath bomb). You can shop all their products here.


Perfect for your ZomBAE


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So just a little fun but a fact about me: I’m kind of obsessed with zombies. I’ve been a zombie for the past 4 years. My dad and I having been preparing for the zombie apocalypse for several years now, its big part of my life.


Oh Comadre Candles did not hold back with the fall theme this year. If you’re lucky enough to grab some, (they are always sold out) you have to get this cute zombie themed candle. They also have a haunted mansion candle and a collab with fellow Shop Latinx business Brujita Skin care! You can shop them here.


Baby Boo


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One of the best parts about Halloween is seeing the kids get so excited about their costumes and candy. From my earliest memory, I can recall being hype as hell to be able to be spooky and eat as much candy when my mom turned her back.

Kash Kisses has created absolutely affordable Halloween themed baby and toddler accessories. My favorite are the bibs because it’s never too young to get into the spirit. You can shop these hella cute accessories here.


Creepy Chile


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If you have never tried Chiloso Gummy Bears, stop reading this, close your computer, put down your phone, and GO GET SOME. They are so delicious addicting. The perfect little spicy treat that hurts a bit but you can’t help but shove more in your mouth.


This year Chiloso Gummy Bear has several Halloween themed containers such as vials with eyeballs and glass skulls. Perfect for a birthday gift (or just gift for yourself). You can check them out here.


Pumpkin is LIFE


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Do you ever find yourself walking through the mall and see pumpkin flavored lattes,candles, towels, tampons, and other things that have no business being pumpkin flavored, and wonder who is buying all this pumpkin crap? It’s me…I buy it all, I am the problem.


Emvi Beauty has indulged my pumpkin habit with this Pumpkin Hollow whipped soap. All their products are vegan and cruelty free. You This list would not be complete can shop them here.


Festive as F**k


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If you work in a career where you have to dress a bit more conservatively, nail art is the perfect subtle way to be spirited while you wear blazers and stockings or whatever. (Can you tell I do not work in a office and don’t know how to dress professionally?)

Cha Cha Covers have awesome Halloween and horror themed nail decals. My favorite are the Beetlejuice and Nightmare before Christmas decals. You can shop them here.


Hella Cute Headbands


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This list would not be complete without a hair accessory. Whether you’re just throwing it up for the day or getting your hair out of your face to apply your zombie makeup headbands are necessity really.

Hot Sundae has dropped the most festive Halloween inspired headbands. I personally like the blood splatter pattern ones the best. You can find them here.

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