The holidays are here and you're shopping to find the perfect gift for each of your loved ones.

If your family and friends are as particular as mine, then you sure must know the struggle of finding that unique present for the person who has everything/ is never satisfied.

I am now sharing with you my wisdom of how I found the most extraordinary gifts for the backup dancers to my life--and I know will help you too!

For your Constantly Stressed out Homie:

Everyone's got that one friend that's in a constant state of panic due to money, relationships, or something of the like.

Firme Arte Internet Bodega  has some of the most beautiful, precious stones that are not only pleasing to the eye but also calms the spirit.

Let your bestie know that homies help homies both emotionally and spiritually.


For your Baby Primos :

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My little cousins and siblings love plushies, but the same old teddy is basic and I am NOT on a Build-A-Bear Budget.

Xochico has the most adorable Pan Dulce themed pillows, mirror hangers, coin purses, and much more.

What kid wouldn't want their bedroom to look like a panaderia?!

For your Bald Dad:

Maybe not everyone's dad is bald like mine (sorry, dad), but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy hair products.

Funky Town Pomade  has an awesome line of beard conditioners and waxes with dope Chicanx-inspired artwork.

What's more unexpected than hair care for a head shiner than the plastic on the couch you're not allowed to sit in.

For your Bougie TiTi:

The bougie auntie: a cross-cultural phenomenon.  The relative first to judge the food, outfits, yet gets offended if anyone checks her. She is so hard to please-- she is easily the most difficult on the list.

Cocoandre Chocolatier specializes in creating artisanal truffles, bark, and customizable ACTUAL SIZE chocolate shoes.

Gourmet chocolate from a small are on the way to be the favorite sobrino/a.

For the Fur babies:

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We cannot forget our pets that bring us joy and comfort everyday.

PatsDesign is an etsy shop crafting jewelry for the two-legged and the four-legged alike.

Even your pet needs a custom jewelry and is definitely unique amongst pet tags.

For the Makeup Addict:

If I could have my body cremated when I die, I would like my ashes to somehow become this highlighter.

Chaos Makeup has a wide variety of eye shadows, lipsticks, and their staple rainbow highlighter.

Show your bestie they are not just any glazed doughnut to you, but a rainbow sprinkled one.

For your Expecting friends:

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Your timeline is filled with expecting parents and in between your tears of loneliness you need to figure what gift to get them.

Indigena carries custom and handmade ring slings and rebozos to carry your kiddos.

Don't off the beaten path in terms of baby gifts, instead bring culture into this new life on earth by getting them one of these.

For more gifts ideas (or presents your yourself) check out our Database  filled with Latinx/Chicanx owned businesses. 

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