Christmas and New Years are over and we can all finally breathe and get some well deserved alone time.

F*ck I forgot about Valentine's Day.

Whatever the true origins of this holiday may be (too lazy to google it), what I do know for sure is there's not another day I feel more of a romantic failure than on Valentine's Day.

If you are like me, not only are you incredibly single but all your best friends are married,engaged, or in serious relationships. I have been a bridesmaid three times in the past two years, and have been to like 20 weddings, with more invitations to come. Valentine's Day is just another reminder that I am once again, partner-less.

Now I could ignore it but I love chocolate and cute sh*t, so I decided this year I am going to be my own Valentine.

I have compiled a list of how to treat yourself so we can get through this holiday together.

The Perfect All Black Outfit

I have worn an all black outfit on Valentine's Day, every year since the third grade. I've always had sense of bitterness about the day, and eight-year-old  self decided that I would start participating in a quiet protest.

Nalgona Positivity Pride is a xicana/indigenous body-positive group that is about empowering the people and loving yourself.
You can find the perfect black shirt to go with your outfit on their etsy here.

Add Subtle Flair To Express Disdain

We need to accessorize our all-black outfit with the perfect hint of "I really don't like Valentine's Day but I still chose to participate."

Candy's Kloset has the perfect accessories and flair to add to any outfit. You can find the Middle Finger pin (available in different skin tones) on their etsy.

 Put a name on it...Your own name...on Yourself

Back in the olden days, your sweetie would give you a piece of jewelry to proclaim their love. In the 50's, it was common to wear your boo's class ring to signify you were 'steady.' In the early 2000s, you gave your shawty your chain.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find the Danny to my Sandy or the Ja Rule to my Ashanti so I'm going to claim my ownself. I'm never leaving me (trust me I tried).

Mala by Patty Rodriguez has amazing customizable gold and silver necklaces in the classic Old English. You can get your own nameplate here.

Buy Yourself Flowers & Take Selfies

Flowers are great for brightening up your space and adding beauty to your life. If you are petty like me, roses are essential for your Valentine's Day selfies so you can stunt on all your coupled friends. You are totally fine being alone and flowers aren't only reserved for taken people.

You can find Rosas Flowers on our database for a custom arrangement. Don't be cheap and go to Wal-Mart, help a small business and get something just for you-- you deserve the best.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Now I know what you are thinking "Breana, if this guide is about loving yourself, why do we need a trainer?!" I will tell you why. Fitness is not all about becoming a certain size; maybe you want increase flexibility, train for that charity 5k, increase your skills for a sport,etc.

You can hire a personal trainer to customize a workout plan to fit your schedule, physical ability, and goals. This also gives you the perfect excuse to when people ask if you have a date on V-Day, because you can be like "No, I can't I have to work out, I have like a personal trainer's getting pretty serious."

Rosanna Sevillano is a certified personal trainer based in Miami. She also takes nationwide clients with online plans and video tracking. You can find here on intsagram and on our database.

Buy a Whole Cake for Yourself

This may seem counterproductive to the previous suggestion, but you're going to work you earned a treat. Order a custom insta-worthy cake that you can later gorge alone.

East Los Sweets is an East Los Angeles baker that creates custom treats and cakes for any occasion. You can order your own on their website here.

Commission a Custom Portrait 

The most expensive and the most extra thing you can do this Valentine's Day is commission a custom portrait of yourself. Immortalize yourself in a specially-made piece of art that you can keep in your family for generations. Find your favorite  artist and contact them about doing a portrait. It may take time and patience but it so much more unique than any Urban Outfitters rip-off art.

You can find the Pinche Kid  and other Latinx artists in the Art section of our database.

For more Valentine's Day ideas check out our Database  filled with Latinx/Chicanx owned businesses. 

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