When I first moved to the East Coast, I came to the quick realization that I have no f*cking idea how to dress for cold weather.

I grew up in California and, yeah, there are some cold areas, but I never stepped foot in those parts. My inner 2000s-valley girl was very shocked that Bearpaws, Uggs, and shorts were not considered appropriate Fall attire.

After years of studying native New Jerseyans, New Englanders, and whatever you call people from D.C., I have come up with a few tips to make it look like you got your sh*t together in Fall.


My go to fall outfit in college and now. Me being the majestic hobbit I am.
My go to fall outfit in college and now. Me being the majestic hobbit I am.

A scarf classes up anything.

During my sophomore year of college, I met one of the best fall dressers I know, my white friend Liz. I remember my awe of her ability to look cute while I was freezing my butt off in less than 70 degree weather. I noticed that even when she was dressing down she always wore a scarf, and it instantly looked very cute and in season.

Rowdy Corazon is no stranger to Shop Latinx lists, but I have been lusting over their scarves since summer time. You can shop their etsy here.


Hide your ice blended beverages from judgment.

I love cold beverages, smoothies,milkshakes, iced coffees-- all of it! My mom even told me that while I was in utero, she had constant cravings for Coke icees. That's how much I like cold drinks.

Whilst walking on the quad holding my Frappucino, I noticed that I was getting a lot of dirty looks. I just thought people were player-hating for my basic drink choice until I looked down and saw snow on the ground.

The key to avoiding weird glances and constant annoying “How could you drink that it's so cold?!” questions, is a cute insulated mug. Crystal Domi has some of the cutest designs to disguise your frozen treat. You can shop their merch here.


2008 called they want their boots with the fur back.

I would be lying if I said I got rid of those furry boots in the picture of me above. I will never get rid of them despite how many times dogs run up to them thinking they are another dog. And yes, whenever I wear them I constantly sing “Low” by Florida and T-Pain in my head. But we all have to be adult sometimes.

Quetzal boutique has some of the most adorable ankle boots when you want to look professional or just a normal functioning adult. Shop these boots and other apparel here.


More Bougie Than a Hoodie

Being a proper 2000s valley girl, my idea of a perfect fall outfit was Uggs, a denim skirt, and a velour Juicy or Baby Phat zip up or hoodie. Much of my Fall wardrobe consists of hoodies and sweatshirts, but when you want to look Pinterest perfect you got to go with a coat.

KJ Couture has awesome trenchcoat that make you look like a sexy Carmen San Diego. You can shop their outerwear and other apparel here.


You can now wear a beanie without looking like a hipster.

 I like to give minimal effort in the looks department because I am busy doing other things (like eating and going on Pinterest.) So any opportunity I can, I cover my hair a much as possible.

Fall and winter are only times you can freely wear a beanie without being called a hipster douche. Take advantage of this wonderful time with these hella cute beanies from Viva La Bonita. Check out their different colors and styles here.


Leggings aren’t pants...apparently.

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Whoever made the rule that leggings aren’t pants deserves a special place in hell. Nevertheless, “pants” give off the finished Fall effect.

Yessenya is a fashion label that creates beautiful pieces that are chic and elegant. You can shop Yessenya here.


A tiny purse, for some reason

As stated prior, I am avid Pinterest stalker. I have learned that a clutch is essential to complete the most “put together” fall ensemble. I really don’t know why this is because, besides special occasions, you have the most things to carry when it's cold.

You gotta carry tissues, hand sanitizers, gloves, snacks, and phones keep getting bigger nowadays. It's the most impractical purse choice for Fall but who am I a but a mere mortal to argue against the Pinterest gods.

Mexico en la Piel has gorgeous handmade purses that is the perfect accessory to any  autumn outfit. You can shop on their Instagram here.


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