Every Monday Shop Latinx celebrates a mujer who inspires us and their community through arts, education, tech, and business. Meet Leslie Ferdin– influencer and owner of Prime Boudoir.

1. How did your upbringing inspire your hustle?

I was raised in Sun Valley, Ca. My parents emigrated from El Salvador to Glendale in the 70s. When I was born my parents bought a home in Sun Valley I had two older brothers,  who of course had better things to do than play with their little sister. We didn’t have a ton of neighbors my age so Growing up I played with barbies a lot, And dolls. My father made me a doll house and I would build furniture out of anything I could find. I would make a couch for my Barbie’s out of toilet paper rolls, and little desks out of cardboard, and I would play “Salon” and I would wash their hair and put makeup on them. I would even charge them and ring them up on a little cash register. Ever since I was little I was obsessed with makeup and making my Barbie’s feel “beautiful” . My father has always been a go getter and a hustler. He instilled Values, morals and integrity into me as well as independence. He was always a hard worker and he taught me that nothing came free or with out hard work. He was also very innovative and could always figure out a problem. I feel like because at the time, he was an immigrant, he almost worked harder to prove that he was just as good as his peers. He was an engineer at a very prominent Aero Space developing company and worked very hard everyday . He never asked for handouts and I think because he was this way, I was raised to think that way as well.
2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I can’t name one! I have so many ! People like Jenni Rivera, Yesika Salgado, Lala Romero, Chiquis, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, even Selena, who had a dream and ran for it and didn’t look back in the face of adversity-whatever that may be! Basically anyone who had to work hard for what they have. I am proud of those women. There’s so many more to name but definitely women who put their dreams and goals out there and do whatever they can to get there. When I have a client who is a single mom, a mama who cleans homes for a living , a young girl who is going to school and getting their masters, I’m proud of those people. Mi Gente who don’t want a handout and want to earn their title, who work hard for their money, who provide for their families. Those are the women I respect . 

3.  You currently own two beauty salons, and have successfully branded yourself on social media as The Brow Guru– what is one piece of branding advice you for aspiring MUAs?
Thank you!! My best advice is Pick a niche. Take a name, a skill, a unique advantage you have and run with it! I was pegged “the brow Guru “ as a joke in high school by my friends. I just kept it and there was a time where I was like, “This is ridiculous . I’m changing my brand to something else” but then my friends were like, “Don’t do that! You are the Guru. You need to own it ! Live it up.” I have some very supportive friends, to say the least. So I ran with it . And now it’s not a silly joke anymore it’s a Brand. So market your brand, keep it simple but impactful, and be consistent. Make everything cohesive and visual. I use to say “I want to be a household name, like Fabuloso” it was a joke because obviously some households don’t use Fabuloso. Some house holds don’t even know what Fabuloso is.  But I’m Latina. I want my Latina sisters to be like, “That’s The brow Guru. I know her. I’ve seen her struggle . I’ve seen her grow. But her name and her logo stays the same. She’s made a name for herself.”  Besides, who wants to be known as Pine sol?
4. You travel a lot! Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

My absolute favorite place so far has been Greece. The people, the culture, the food, the water, the views! You can’t take an ugly picture in Greece ! It’s impossible . I had the time of my life and want to go back again this year . If I could live there I would. I sat on a mountain in Santorini over looking the Aegean Sea and the volcano there, and thought to myself “Wow. I’m really here. I never ever dreamt of ever being outside of LA nonetheless another country on a beautiful island . “ I thank God everyday for my struggle , my hustle, my hands, my eyes, my mouth to speak and my mind who keeps dreaming. The sky is the limit . Anything you dream you can achieve and no one can stop you once you start. I want to teach all my Latina’s and fellow women that it’s not easy, it’s hard work but with dedication and determination, you can do whatever you want in life .

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