Marcella Gomez

Every Monday Shop Latinx celebrates a mujer who inspires us and their community through arts, education, tech, and business. Meet Marcella Gomez– creator of Oh Comadre! Candles.

1. Why did you decide to create a candle business?
Oh Comadre occurred as an accident and  as a form of therapy.  As a nurse I witness so much illness that is accompanied by sorrow and death, that I needed an outlet.  Designing and developing the candles bring joy to me and balances me. Perhaps, that is the reason I have developed so many candles and don’t plan to slow down.
2. Your candles bring so many Latinxs joy because the scents are very reminiscent of our upbringings. Was that your intention?
Yes! Oh Comadre Candles is a celebration of a Latina woman.  I want the candles to evoke an emotion, memory, comfort, smile, or  laughter.  All thought the candle labels and titles can be humorous there is nothing funny about the making of them.  Each candle is individually hand poured, decorated, and made with lots of love in my kitchen in Downey, CA.   I literally throw an air kiss to each batch.  The candles are a celebration of a Latina woman so I had to make the best candle possible to represent us!
3. Which candle scent is your personal favorite? Why?
LA Novela.  If you notice Novela’s label is an old 1970’s TV.  I grew up watching novelas.  I remember when it was time for the novelas all the ladies in my home would drop everything and gather around the TV.  It was our daily time to gather.  I have fond memories watching novelas with my mom, abuelitas, and tias. The aroma is sweet and sultry just like the last capitulo.
4. Self-love is important. Name three qualities you love about yourself.
I am very independent, compassionate, and not afraid to fail.
5. Anything else you’d like to share?!
I wanted to give a quick Thank you to all the  Comadres and Compadres who support me with chats, suggestions, encouragements, likes, follows, you guys are the key reason Oh Comadre! has grown and I’m truly GRATEFUL!!!!

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  1. Crystal

    I love this!! So awesome that you feature Amazing Mujeres every Monday! Great idea and so inspiring!! 💖