Every Monday Shop Latinx celebrates a mujer who inspires us and their community through arts, education, tech, and business. Meet Michelle Olvera, founder of @WeAreBoldLatinas.


1. You are the founder of Bold Latina, formerly known as SupaDaily Latina. Why the name change? And what is your mission with this platform?

Every couple of years, you need to analyze your branding. The brand refresh was really about what will resonate with our audience. We learned that ‘SupaDaily’ didn’t have any meaning with them. ‘BoldLatina‘ has been well received and noted with an uptick in subscribers and social media followers. BoldLatina’s mission just like SupaDaily’s will be to continue to give voice to our Latinx/Multicultural creators, writers by delivering news, content and community through our added value of membership.

2. What does being a Bold Latina mean to you?

Giving no shits and going for it. No hesitating, moving forward despite our unique challenges as Latinx.

3. You also created Latino Dad. Please tell us about it!

It’s exciting to make an impact for Latino men who are fathers. LatinoDad is a new parenting platform, offering tips, resources and stories of inspiration to Latino/multicultural fathers. We want to help fathers thrive. It’s also through our LatinoDad Council of top influencers, we engage with mission-aligned brands wanting to reach the Latino/multicultural father with their products/services. We recently put on a first-ever LatinoDad Summit event – we plan to repeat inn 2018, after a successful 1st year.


4. Aside from these amazing ventures within the Latinx community, you also are a consultant in the Silicon Valley. As a Latina in tech, how has your experience been?

Yes, so I advise scalable startups that speak to my values and involve the Latinx market primarily. As a female AND Latina, I have felt sexism and racism throughout my experience employed at startups and early stage since the late 90s, however, I use my ‘Latina’ identity to help me to stand out too vs. hiding it. We are no longer to be dismissed or forgotten – we are formidable players in tech that must show up authentically.

5. What are some rituals you practice that help get your creativity flowing? 

Meditate every morning and changing my location. Also, it wasn’t until I became a full time entrepreneur did I realize the important of optimizing your ‘self-care’ rituals. Eat right and get your sleep, you’ll perform better.


6. Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s exciting these past couple of years to see an emergence of Latinx businesses that speak to our trendsetting ways. We are a dope, bad ass, innovative community. I am always available to help other entrepreneurs.


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