My homegirls mean the world to me, and the holidays are a perfect time to show them how just how much I care.

They all got different personalities and attitudes so finding the right gift takes some finesse.

You probably have a least one homegirl similar to mine, so hopefully this list helps you find the perfect goodie.

For the one that used to be wild but had to settle down:

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As I am starting to reach my mid-20s, I find that more of my wild, rebellious friends are calming down with corporate jobs and kids.

The girl I used to watch for cops while she peed in bush is now in charge of little humans?!

Gentle Riot is the perfect combination of subdued and badass attitude. It's to remind your homegirl that just because she settled down doesn't mean she sold out.

For the creative colorful kween:

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During my undergrad years in the Art department, I was blessed to meet so many creative women.

The type of women wearing handmade skirts, colorful buttons pinned to their jackets, and always some form of paint or ink stained their hands.

Shop El Nopal has a beautiful collection of embroidered baseball caps  to match any rainbow of outfits. Perfect for tucking your hair away late nights in the studios.

For the Jefa:

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Now I am the first to admit I am not the most fiscally responsible person. I've been known to blow money on nights out or 10 lipsticks in the same shade. I can't have all my friends be like me, I need someone to be an adult in my life.

City and Her has the perfect modern clothing for your Boss Homegirl. Always coming or going to a business meeting ready to put the machismos in their place.

For the Activist homie:

I would say that basically all of my homegirls are feminist, but I have one or two homies that are always involved in the community.

FEMCHIC have the most badass t-shirt with graphics like "Feminista" and "F-ck Misogyny."

They are perfect for all the womxn fighting the patriarchy and$1 of of every purchase is donated to Women's organizations.

For the one who always Boo'd Up:

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We all got that one friend that is always in a relationship. They run through partners, where I am struggling to get a text back.

Honey B Gold has an awesome customizeable heart locket. Perfect for your homegirl's boo, kids,and/or pets.

For the friend who is always Extra:

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You know that friend who said she was dressing casual for the bar but when you see them they are wearing heels, full makeup, and hair done perfect...this is the gift for them.

18th and Wood has super unique and fashionable dresses, jeans, and other clothing items.

This is the perfect present for the Queen of doing too much.

For Your Dependable Friend:

YOU are their crazy friend. They are the kind of homegirl who is always the sober driver, brings you tacos after a breakup, and always listens to your issues.

Alexis Joanna Jewelry has elegant necklaces that are simple yet capture your friend's identity.

For more gifts ideas (or presents your yourself) check out our Database  filled with Latinx/Chicanx owned businesses. 


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