Every Monday Shop Latinx celebrates a mujer who inspires us and their community through arts, education, tech, and business. Meet Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez, writer, scholar, and founder of @LatinaRebels.


1. You have made it your life’s mission to tell the stories of brown and marginalized folks. Was there a specific moment that sparked this journey for you?

My radicalization and sort of “awakening” came during graduate school when I began to read crucial books that made me think.  And with this new knowledge came my own resentment about the fact that I had to end up in an elite space that very few people get access to in order to gain this liberation. So I started Latina Rebels in this moment where I knew other people should get those moments to reflect and laugh and cry about communal realities, and therefore start their own journey towards their awakening.

Writing sort of fell on my lap, I began writing when I graduated.  I started with IG captions and Tanisha Love Ramirez from the huffington post latino voices reached out to me and asked to write my captions for them. So doing what I do for brown girls has been a natural progression of my own radicalization.

2. @LatinaRebels started in @2013 and boasts almost 100k followers. Why do you think brown womxn have gravitated to this account?

Ummm I don’t know tbh but probably because we don’t offer ONE perspective. We are five Latinas, three from Nicaragua, one Guatemala, and one from Puerto Rico.  And our stories go untold.  When people think of Latinxs they think of Mexicans. And we are not all that, and we highlight that fact.

3. Do you have any special projects or events in the upcoming future?

I am writing a children’s book with the illustrator Amanda Naday and I am writing a regular book and have an agent at the moment who is amazing and helping me a lot!

4. What’s your favorite Nicaraguense food? What memory do you associate with it?

I LOVE ALL NICA FOOD!!!!!!!!!!   But I love me a quesillo rn the most.  I love eating it out of the bolsa and I love me some crema.  I just remember eating that with my family, because the best quesillos are in a specific region in nicaragua so we would drive there and eat there and come back home.

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