I’ve written listicles about gifts to get for your family, your homegirls, even the people at your office that you really don’t like.

This year though? All I’m thinking of is me. I mean, who knows what I love the most, other than myself?

I know how hard I’ve been working, I deserve a little self love through spoiling myself. I totally deserve it. Here’s a list of sh*t I hope I get for Christmas, some of it I know I will, because already bought it for myself (you’re welcome, me).

The Infamous Pizza palette

I need more makeup Like I need a hole in my head. But this makeup is in the shape of like my fifth favorite food which is pretty cool and I want it.Glam Lite is a Latina owned vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line. They have a large range of makeup including that much talked about pizza palette. You can shop them here.

Glam Lite is a Latina owned vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line. They have a large range of makeup including that much talked about pizza palette. You can shop them here.

To Kill White Walkers

Lately I’ve been very obsessed with aging and preserving this face. I’m constantly putting on facemasks and lotioning my body every five minutes. I’ve been wanting an obsidian facial roller for a long time. I am not sure what they’re supposed to do but they look super relaxing and with the added bonus that I could kill a white walker with it. (You can only kill white walkers with fire or obsidian #GameOfThrones)


Yaocihuatl Organic is  beauty and holistic remedy company. They have a ton of natural and organic skincare products. You can check them out here.

I need furniture, but I want Art

Currently I’m in the process of moving into a new place. So instead of looking up stuff I need like a desk or a proper chair that I don’t bruise my tailbone in, of course I’m looking up home Decor.

I’ve been in love with Xipiteca’s work since I saw it at last year’s Viva La Muxer event. They have amazing prints and jewelry. You can shop them here.

To look more Bada$$

Growing up I always listened to my parents: don’t put your whole life online and don’t get tattoos where people can see them , nobody will hire you if you do those things. Fast forward to 2016 and I move back to LA and I’m interviewing for graphic design positions and cool fashion companies. Tell me why everyone in the room had tattoos everywhere and basically internet famous since MySpace days. Needless to say I was pissed, and I didn’t get a call back for a single job.

Soto Gang is a tattoo artist that specializes in Anime style women pieces. I really love her sad eyes that she does on peoples arms. She travels around the world and is super in demand, but she also has a merch line and temporary tattoos to satisfy your tattoo itch. You can check out Soto Gang here.

Cute Chonies

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Here at Shop Latinx, there are a few items that I’m always on the search for, and underwear is one of them. You would think there be more Latinx owned companies that make chonies, but there aren’t.

Estarrin is a Xicanx deisgner that handmakes the coolest sets  and accessories. The cutest for festivals or just to be extra at your house. You can shop their stuff here

I can never have enough glow

I want you to really understand that I freaking love highlighter and glitters. My goal whenever I put makeup on is to look like a robot, the tin man, or C-3PO.


Beauty Escape Cosmetics is a cruelty free Latina owned brand. This all over gloss is to die for as well as their metallic shadows. You can check out their products here.

To be become a freaking Bratz doll

When I tell you I love Bratz, that’s an understatement. They have shaped me into the person I am today (specifically my outfit choices). In the early 2000s, when Bratz launched they were nothing short of a revolutionary. There was no one leader (or attention hog) like Barbie. There were four Multi ethnic women they had different interests in different styles but were united in their passion for fashion. It’s been my dream ever since I got cut off from Bratz when I was 13, to become one.

Martin Cantos is an Ecuadorian artist and photographer that creates these gorgeous portraits of Bratz. A lot of his pieces are inspired by beauty gurus and their passion for makeup. You can own a masterpiece on his Merch site here.

For more Latinx owned businesses make sure to check out our Directory.

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