These past couple of years Latinx musicians have been breaking away from the traditional sound we all grew up knowing as “Latin” music.

Ultimate ALT-Latinx Playlist

Those up and coming artistas are breaking that mold in the Alt music scene. Picture that alt/indie/folk/rock sound but with a latin twist! These artists are taking their rock n roll legend inspirations but still keeping their brown intact. Mixing and matching textures and making great music with it.

Meet some of our favorite alt musicians who are using their latin flavor to pave the way to new sounds for this music genre. Like the Ecuadorean singer behind Helado Negro singing what is to be “Young, Latin and Proud”, to the duo that created Cholo Goth, Prayers! Listening to their music makes you dance, makes you feel bada** for being Latinx and makes you want to sing along in Spanish and in English!

Here is a curated playlist made by the Shop Latinx staff. A list of bands and musicians you definitely should already be listening to. If not, what are you waiting for? Click Play!


Princess Nokia - Afro Latina/NY based

Prayers - Cholo Goth - San Diego/Tijana based

NOIA - Barcelona/Brooklyn

Salt Cathedral - Columbian/NY based

Devendra Banhart - Venezuelan/LA based

Rodrigo Amarante - Brazilian/LA based

Empress of - Honduran

The Chamanas - Mexico/Texas based

Nicolas Jaar - Chilean

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