I don’t know about y’all, but I’m very fascinated with vegan food.I know For many Latinx folks, becoming a vegan can be challenging not only in the dietary aspect but culturally.

But don’t worry, You would be surprised on how many chef-trepreneurs are creating space for Latinx Vegans!   I asked y’all on our Instagram story if you knew any Latinx owned restaurants or Latinx chefs that specialize in vegan food and y’all came the f**k through. Here is the first of a series of Latinx Vegan chefs and restaurants.

De La Luna Catering

De La Luna Catering is an LA based company making Guatemalan and Oaxacan style vegan cuisine. They emphasis Social Justice and are also apart of Coop.LA, an upcoming community cooperative. You can follow them on Instagram here


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GwendyPie is a Vegan baker specializing in pies. She is launding her own baked goods line called Whiskful Pastries. You can find here Instagram here

Woke Foods

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Woke Foods is based in NYC and creates plant-based Dominican food. They also focus on food justice and host workshops and classes. You can check out their events here

How to Be Vegan in the Hood

How to Be Vegan in the Hood is an online guide of Vegan food spots and recipes. Based in New York, they also feature vegan friendly restaurants and also offer meal prep. You can find them on Instagram here.   

The NatiVegan

The Native Vegan shares their vegan recipes focusing on Ancestral eating. They also focus on recipes for the whole family to enjoy. Yout can find their recipes here

Alchemy Organica

Alchemy Organica was created by Chef Denise Vallejo specializing in Mexican gastronomy. They serve their plant based Mexican cuisine frequently in pop ups in LA and they also cater. You can find more information about them here

Healthy Hyna

Healthy Hyna is  a private vegan chef that specializes in Mexican cuisine. She also teaches cooking classes that you can find more information here.

El Palote Panadería

El Palote Panadería is a vegan bakery and taqueria based in Dallas,Texas. They serve vegan Pan Ducle as well as Vegan tacos and tortas. You can follow them on instagram here.

Delicias Bakery & Some

Delicias Bakery & Some is a Los Angeles panadería serving vegan aguas frescas and pan dulce. You can check out their website here.

Bunnie Cakes

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Bunnie Cakes is a Vegan bakery in Miami,Florida that create specialty cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. They also host birthday parties and other events. You can learn about them here.


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Rudy Ramos is vegicano an NYC chef creating both American and Mexican Vegan food. You can find his recipes here.

La Botanica

La Botanica is a San Antonio restaurant that is all about  vegan eats and creative drinks. Owned by chef and activist Rebel Mariposa , La Botanica is a place of fun and being healthy. You can find more info here.

The Salvi Vegan

The Salvi Vegan is a Vegan chef creating plant based  Salvadoran classics. You can support them here.


Vegatinos serve authentic Latinx cuisine and heavily support animal rights. You can find their instagram here.

Next Stop Vegan

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Next Stop Vegan is a Dominican ran meal prep service based in New York. They also have pop-ups in the Bronx. You can follow them on instagram here.


Mexvegana is a Los Angeles based Vegan Mexican food truck. They make all classic Mexican food from tacos to tamales. You can follow them here.

Vegan Turned On

Vegan Turned On is Latinx Vegan youtuber that  share their plant based recipes. You can check out their youtube channel here.

Veggie Y Que

Veggie Y Que is a WOC owned business that cater and teach workshops on Mexican Vegan food. They also have pop ups that you can attend here.

Guasave Roll

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Guasave Roll is a Vegan Mexican restaurant and Sushi Bar based in Ontario,California. You can follow them on instagram here.


SEÑOREATA is a Vegan Cuban Pop up eatery and catering company ran by Chef Evanice Holz. Chef Holz is  Cuban and Brazilian and Rouxbe Certified Plant Based Professional. You can find their events here.


CHICANA VEGANA is a Southern California based Vegan eatery. Their most famous dish is the Cosmic Taco! Check their instagram out here.


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Edgarraw is chef, food stylist, and blogger. He shares his vegan recipes on his blog and creates the best #foodporn.

Veggie Mijas

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Veggie Mijas is a WOC collective that hosts picnics and workshops on eating plant based and food activism.

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