America Hates Us

America Hates Us

America Hates United States (AHUS) launched in 2016 with two objectives in mind: be revolutionary and to serve as an economic conduit for organizations already fighting for the marginalized.

We are a team of Black and Afro-latinx members and we collaborate on many duties, including design, community events and more. 

To be revolutionary meant communicating political, free speech through a tangible medium - an apparel collection. It also meant, being proactive in charitable endeavors and ignoring the traditional business practices of an apparel line. We are doing this with an aesthetic that has never been seen before, creating pieces relevant to the current landscape of politics and socioeconomics of today.

Our team is made up of our co-founder, Tareq G. Brown, Esq., a graduate of Lehigh University and Rutgers School of Law-Newark; lead media strategist, Autumn M. Myers, a graduate of The Art Institute of Las Vegas; lead writer D’Shonda Brown; and finance and brand operations, Amanda L. Luna, a graduate of Seattle University.

Additional information:

Our printer uses eco-friendly discharge inks and offers soy-based plastisol inks and takes necessary steps to manage that standard plastisol inks never go down the drain. Moreover they use environmentally-friendly LED lighting.

They are one of the greenest screen printers in the country and use special Eco-series water-based inks, and bamboo, recycled & organic apparel. Additionally they use soy-based cleaners.

We chose our printers because they work to improve the welfare of people and animals along with the environment, and actively supports, via donations, many organizations that directly benefit the world in those areas. 

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