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Vive Cosmetics

Vive Cosmetics

Vive Cosmetics is a Latina-owned and operated beauty brand created to celebrate our love for all things beauty and cultura in one place.Vive Cosmetics started as an idea in 2016 after realizing the lack of representation of the Latinx/Latina community in the beauty industry. While Latinas outspend all other groups across all beauty industry categories, resulting in unparalleled economic power, beauty companies only see us as $$. Time and time again we see offensive and tone-deaf campaigns that are meant to be inspired by us and other communities of color, but that is problematic in their delivery. We didn't see models that look like us or sounded like us and we continue to see important people in the industry reject us and our different skin tones and offer no apology or remorse. Vive Cosmetics was created as a way of recognizing our importance and not accepting that narrative of who we are and how we look like. We want Latinas and all Latinx to realize the power of our community and truly embrace the beauty that comes from within.

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