So, what’s next?

Yesterday felt good. Hopeful. Beautiful. The sun came out for the 750,000 protestors in Los Angeles, and the millions more worldwide. We took a stand for human rights yesterday, amidst all the chaos that’s been piling up in our country. Yet here we are, the day after. Mother Earth is still crying. There is still so much work to do. Now is more important than ever to continue taking action. To follow through. To be heard.

We made sure to show up for our POC community, to make sure that our reasons and feelings were made clear. Tenemos que usar la fuerza. Let’s remember what we’re fighting for.

The following photographs are taken by Vanessa Acosta. Story by Darlene Valencia.

“I’m here because I care about my country. If it wasn’t for the immigrants, there would be no USA.”

“Women revolt. I am marching for all the women who can’t be here who are oppressed, all the women in foreign countries, we do this for you. Solidarity in all of us. Numbers and powers.”

 “I’m marching to show that women and kids has a right to be strong, and I believe this can happen for us.”

Taken at protest Boyle Heights on inauguration day.
Taken at protest Boyle Heights on inauguration day.

 “I’m marching for myself, for all of my sisters, my nieces, my mom and my grandmother who couldn’t be here. I’m marching for indigenous women in particular, water protectors, and all the women who have lost their lives in the same fight. We continue…” 

“…I’m marching for my stepchildren. For the DACA, DAPA, Dreamers and all of the undocumented people who are living under more fear now under this administration. For all the women who are here today, it’s amazing”

 “I want to go up over here, the cars moving going up. I want Hillary cause Donald Trump was bad and I don’t like him.”

“I’m marching to go against this capitalistic and type of regime that has been placed in front of us, unwanted, unwarranted. The people spoke, and the xenophobia, this zionistic type of rhetoric phobia that we constantly get, is unfortunate. It is the world we live in, but it’s not the world we want. It’s a shame. I’m here for the women in my family, the close female friends that I have, and for the men who also want to stand up and protect our women. We need to be here, not just for the next four years, but for however long we’re here. If we all stick together, we can take over.”

“I’m marching for women and people everywhere. I’m marching for people with insurance, for people without insurance. I’m marching for everyone who needs to be heard, at a time where we are on the brink of enormous change.”

“I’m marching for myself, because this is my community, this is my people, this is my world, and I want to be the person who makes our world a safe place to be.”

Taken at protest Boyle Heights on inauguration day.
Taken at protest Boyle Heights on inauguration day.

“I’m marching for the rights of women because we should have the say of what we can do with our bodies. I’m marching for my family, my future children, my mom, my whole family and friends.”

“I’m marching so we can protest against Donald Trump.”

“I’m marching for women’s rights, for all women’s rights and issues across the board.”

The fight isn’t over. The Women’s March has a new campaign: 10 Actions/100 Days. Every 10 days they will take action on an issue we all care about, starting today. To learn more, click here.

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