It’s that horrible–I mean wonderful– time of year again.

I’m actually really trying to avoid human contact and retail raucous as much as possible this season, so I’m getting my Christmas shopping done as early as I can. Hopefully this list can help you get avoid, well at least prepare, for the madness that is to come.

For Your Recently Health Conscious Friend


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We all have that one friend that all of a sudden became super health aware, despite stuffing ribs and chicken wings in their mouth for the better half of the last five years. What a better gift to give than something that’s detoxifying.

Maitri Healing Co is a holistic health and skin care brand. Their natural teeth whitening powder is all natural and cruelty free. It’s also a good way to hint to your friend that their breath stinks. You can shop them here.

For Your Mom Who is Obsessed with Supernatural


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Okay maybe it’s just my Mom, but she is totally obsessed with that show Supernatural. When she first started watching it, she binge-watched it so hard, that she would play it on her iPad so she could continue watching it while she was out in like grocery store or a restaurant. And whenever she watches all 14 seasons, she’ll  start the series all over again.

Brewbles studio is a Texas based beauty and skincare company. They make a Protection seal shaped soap based off the Sam and Dean’s tattoo. Brewbles also creates ultra cute bath bombs and other bath and body products. You can shop them here.

If You’re Planning on Getting Engaged or Just Treating Yourself (we aren’t judging)


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I think a huge misconception that people have in actually practicing Shopping Latinx, is that they believe that only applies to small purchases. People think that only thing that Latinx folx are selling are clothing and handmade items, but we often forget that we can find luxury items in our community.

Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry is a Seattle-based Black Latina owned brand. They sell Diamond and other gemstone engagement rings, necklaces and other luxury accessories.You can shop them here.

For Your Primos in Texas


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Barbacoa tacos, Big Red Soda, Beyonce, and the queen, Selena further proves that Texas is extremely pivotal in Latinx American culture. Texas has such a special place in my heart; I have family in San Antonio, so I feel that I have some connection to the lone star state despite being a certified Valley Girl.

Stateline Designs is a Houston-based brand. They sell shirts, pins, and other accessories on their store here.

For your Friend that Loves Makeup


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Makeup is one of the easiest ways to #ShopLatinx because there are new beauty brands emerging almost daily. As a makeup lover myself, I know first-hand how hard it is to resist certain palettes because while they’re pretty, there is a vast amount of documentation that the owner of the company is extremely problematic.

Killer Queen Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan brand based out of Florida. I really love their neon bright single shadows. They would be perfect for your friend that loves beauty. You can shop them here.

For the Little Ones


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Every year more of my friends are having kids and my cousins keep multiplying. There seems to be more and more kids I have get presents for.

Spanglish threadz is a Houston based clothing brand. They have a ton of children’s fashion with adorable designs. You can shop them here.

For more Latinx-owned products make sure to check out our directory.

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