As confirmed by the last wedding I went to, I’m one of the last remaining single people in my group of friends.

The other single girl is one of my best friends, Nata. We are truly the last people in our group to not be engaged, married, or dating anyone. But don’t worry though, Nata is a super smart CPA working for a major company in DC, and I… write these lists to justify my shopping habit.

I figured this Valentine’s day I can show you how to be your bestie’s valentine instead of telling you how lonely I am (like I did last year). Maybe your bestie is like mine so yall can have a great Valentine’s Day too!

We both have big heads that’s why we’re friends.

For the Lipstick Addict

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If your bestie is anything like mine,they got a ton of lipstick in the same color.I encourage this because its an excuse to shop for more makeup for myself.

Atomic Makeup is a vegan and cruelty free brand that creates rich matte and shimmer liquid lipstick. You can find them here.

Chisme Chica

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Our favorite activity as friends is to binge watch super cheesy dramatic TV shows, one of our favorites being a Gossip Girl. And since we play our lives just like a novella, we are basically like a brown version of Gossip Girl aka Chisme Chica.

Mija culture has this awesome Drake inspired shirt. They have a ton of other adorable clothing and accessory items. You can check them out here.

If they have a uterus

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The one thing anyone knows about me is that I have the most b*tch ass uterus. Like my uterus is so submissive that if I hang around another female for l more than like a day, I’m automatically going to sync up to you like an iPod.

If your bestie has super bad menstrual cramps, Xol y Luna makes a great healing pomada. It is made with ginger and valerian root that helps relieve cramps and improve blood circulation. You can shop Xol y Luna here.

For the Type A

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We all have that one friend who has a million planners and notebooks and is obsessed with being organized. My homegirl has notebooks from 5 years ago and refuses to throw them out.

You can add to their hoard with Milk and honey books. They  create cutest notebooks in blank and lined pages. You can check them out here.

Food is Love

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Okay I’m not saying the girl can’t cook, I’m just saying this girl survives off of avocado toast and frozen taquitos. That’s not a proper meal for anybody  and she gets hungry.

Lola’s Market has awesome sauces and jams and extracts that gives flavor to any food. They have unique sauces such as Hibiscus Jam and Salsa Negra. You can shop them here.

If They Drink Tequila Like it’s Water

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I don’t know how my bestie is alive by the amount of tequila this one drinks. In college she would take a full handle of tequila and a whole gallon of orange juice in her purse just to make your own tequila sunrise at frat parties.

Gavino tequila is 100% agave tequila and comes in the cutest bottles ever! You can get them here.

This year for your holiday shopping season make sure to check out our database. 



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